"This charming, funny chronicle of an 'experiment in extreme friending' explores the bonds between women--and the idea that the world is peopled with potential BFFs"



"If you've ever found it hard to make friends as a grown-up, this book is for you. ... (The meet-ups are as awkward and funny as you'd imagine)."


"Whether you’re looking to make new friends or think you’re totally set in your ways, MWF Seeking BFF is highly enjoyable, smart edutainment. Rachel’s writing has that effortless balance of funny-clever-cool…”


"A breezy, unexpectedly thought-provoking book that does to conventional wisdom about female friendships what Thelma and Louise — oblique spoiler alert! — did to that nasty trucker."


"A reader cannot help but root for Bertsche, cheer her successes and consider trying out some of her ideas."