Rachel Bertsche
Rachel Bertsche
MWF Seeking BFF: Reviewed by Lisa Kay Greissinger, People Magazine

MWF Seeking BFF: Reviewed by Lisa Kay Greissinger, People Magazine

One Woman's Quest for Happiness Through Favorite Celeb Beauty Routines

One Woman's Quest for Happiness Through Favorite Celeb Beauty Routines

Author Rachel Bertsche attempts to live like a celebrity

Author Rachel Bertsche attempts to live like a celebrity


"This charming, funny chronicle of an 'experiment in extreme friending' explores the bonds between women--and the idea that the world is peopled with potential BFFs"

— People


"If you've ever found it hard to make friends as a grown-up, this book is for you. ... (The meet-ups are as awkward and funny as you'd imagine)."

— Fitness

"Whether you’re looking to make new friends or think you’re totally set in your ways, MWF Seeking BFF is highly enjoyable, smart edutainment. Rachel’s writing has that effortless balance of funny-clever-cool…"

— HelloGiggles

"A breezy, unexpectedly thought-provoking book that does to conventional wisdom about female friendships what Thelma and Louise — oblique spoiler alert! — did to that nasty trucker."

— Chicago Tribune

"A reader cannot help but root for Bertsche, cheer her successes and consider trying out some of her ideas."

— Associated Press


"Illuminating and funny."

New York Post


"Bertsche's natural voice and easy, honest prose may leave readers wanting to befriend the first-time author themselves."

— American Way


"Written with verve, insight and humor, Bertsche somehow manages to be clever but not judgmental even about some of her nuttiest encounters in the world of speed-friending and blind dates.."

Chicago Tribune, Editor's Choice


"A humbling, hilarious journey most postcollege women can relate to, thanks to Bertsche's candidness...Put MWF on your book club list now."

Chicago Magazine


"Bertsche hit a nerve with the publication of her spirited account of her 2010 quest to create a local friendship network after relocating from New York to Chicago to be with her future husband."

Chicago Tribune


"Bertsche’s pursuit is grounded in what most everyone is looking for—more fulfilling relationships and a sense of belonging—and she bravely provides some of the tools, including openness, persistence, and self-awareness, needed to attain these rewards."

Publishers Weekly


"In another’s voice, the material could have easily become trite or annoying, but Bertsche is just so darn, well, friendly that readers might even find themselves questioning or conquering their own occasional antisocial tendencies."

— Booklist


"As they cheer Bertsche on in her quest, readers will appreciate the friends they have and even pick up useful–and entertaining–tips for finding new friends of their own."

Shelf Awareness


Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me

"Hilarious beach read."

— Self



"Bertsche is funny, creative and, more importantly, manages to stay sane. While she is trying to see if celebrities hold the secret to happiness, she is also trying to have a baby, which brings perspective to what she is trying to do… This book is for everyone, not just women, because what guy doesn’t want David Beckham’s abs or Will Smith’s charm?"

Boston Herald



"The process not only provides Bertsche with fruitful writing fodder but also prompts readers to examine their outlook on perfection, self-acceptance, and aspiring to be one’s very best self."

Publishers Weekly



"Readers will find themselves invested in the project, rooting for Bertsche to master Gwyneth’s 10-Hour Chicken recipe as though she were the protagonist of one of her beloved reality show contests."

— Psychology Today



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